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Dogs are not our whole life,
but they make our lives whole dog


The inspiration for the Allure collection was born from the combination of navy blue and gold, an extremely elegant combination, reminiscent of a starry sky. Navy blue is associated with peace and relaxation, it is also the color of independence and creativity. In combination with gold it gains sophistication and nobility. Discover the exclusive Allure collection - accessories that will satisfy the most demanding customers.




We have a special fondness for the Glamour collection. It is our first and at the same time one of our most favorite collections. It combines all the most important elements for us to create the perfect proposal for your dog - fashionable style, quality of workmanship and durability of materials. Working with the Glamour line has allowed us to set the standards that we follow in designing and creating all of our accessories. Explore the gorgeous Glamour Collection products and fall in love with Oh Charlie! 


Lightness, pastels, nature... inspiration for the new Blissy collection came to us on a cold winter evening when the thought of spring walks warmed us up again. It resulted in a wonderful bed and toy boxes for our beloved dogs. We decided to choose soft yet durable fabrics in pastel colors which emphasize the light form and character of the collection.



Black and white stripes are a color trend that has long been in fashion, being a timeless classic and synonymous with modernity. Stripes attract attention and allow to change every space giving it character. The Lisbon collection is a proposal for those who value distinctness and care for the highest comfort of their dog.




It is no coincidence that the pattern known in England as 'houndstooth' decorates the exclusive accessories of the Finessa collection! We are of course talking about the peplite pattern, the favourite motif of designer Coco Chanel, thanks to whom it has become a synonym for luxury and elegance. Famous fashion houses all over the world have brought the peplite into their living rooms and made it a symbol of timeless style. We have used the 'houndstooth' in designing the unique Finessa collection, which will delight your pet and decorate the interior of your home.


The timeless Scottish check pattern introduces an atmosphere of warmth, cosiness and elegance to the interior. It is no different with the Charm collection, which has gained many sympathizers among our customers, decorating the interiors of their homes and offering special comfort for their beloved pets.



Prestige collection is the highest quality finishing, beautiful design and comfort that even the most demanding dog will appreciate. We took care of every detail. Discover the elegant Prestige line.




Elite is the choice for those who appreciate minimalism and muted colors. The collection looks great on our models as well as in the modern interiors of their homes, which, combined with the excellent quality of the materials and fillings, has made Elite one of our customers' first choices.


The most famous marbles are quarried in Tuscany, and for some time they can also be found in... Oh Charlie's studio! :) Regardless of whether they come from Carrara or from the hands of our tailors, they delight equally and bring a breath of luxury to the interior. Extremely comfortable Marble beds will be a real decoration of your home and your dog's favorite resting place.



Charlotte collection is lightness, elegance and delicate pastels. And for your beloved one - extremely nice and soft fur, which will wrap him up, providing a moment of relaxation and rest after a day of fun. Discover the wonderful Charlotte collection.




The Glam Collection features beautiful bow ties and leashes in a variety of colors! Something for every occasion, from everyday going for a walk to a restaurant visit or visiting friends. Your pet will always look perfect and attract all eyes!

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