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Wrzesień - 25 - 2021 | Anna Nowakiewicz

Introducing a dog into a home with another animal

If you already have a dog living in your home, be sure to check on your dog's relationship with each other before deciding to take on another pet. Familiarise your dogs with each other, starting by meeting them on an area that is neutral for both dogs, keeping the dogs on a loose lead.

Wrzesień - 25 - 2021 | Anna Nowakiewicz

How to choose the perfect bed for your pet?

Before we start thinking about what kind of bedding we should provide for our friend, we must realise that every dog is different and their preferences and needs are also very different.

Wrzesień - 25 - 2021 | Anna Nowakiewicz

Recognising that your dog is in pain

Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience. Pain always causes suffering and therefore needs to be eliminated and reduced. The first step in the fight against pain is to be able to notice its symptoms.

Wrzesień - 25 - 2021 | Anna Nowakiewicz

Dog kisses a sign of submission, NOT affection. Or how to understand our friend correctly

Have you lived with your dog for many years thinking that you know each other inside out? If, after reading our article, you are still of this opinion, it means that you create a really harmonious duet. We humans often do not understand the needs and signals sent by our pets. Misinterpretation often leads to frustration and, consequently, undesirable behaviours which, after many years of being fixed, will be hard to correct. Start today to understand your pet. Start with our article! :)

Wrzesień - 19 - 2021 | Adam Nowakiewicz

DOG COMMUNICATION - how to interpret our friend's different attitudes.

Many of us, despite years spent together with our friend, still do not fully know how to interpret his individual attitudes and behaviour. We often wrongly perceive the signals sent by our pet and we lose the relationship we have built. So what should we be sensitive to, what is our dog "telling us"? Answers to all these questions can be found below!