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Bed Glamour


320,00 - 390,00 pln

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Glamour bed is a combination of elegance, comfort and the highest quality of workmanship. It will be a truly stylish addition to any room, and for your pet a favorite place to relax. Its soft and comfortable interior will provide him with a sense of safety, it will fit into his body, wrapping him and maintaining appropriate support. Inspired by the shape of the shell, the elegant line is not only a chic addition - thanks to the lower front and higher sides your pet will easily enter and be able to fit into comfortable walls. 


Available in gold, stylish grey and powder pink, made of the highest quality fabric, Glamour bed directly refers to the style of world famous designers.  


Soft and extremely durable fabrics, from which the interior and exterior sides were made, are perfect for washing and retain their original appearance for a long time. The waterproof fabric protects the underside of the bed and is easy to clean.  



S - dimensions on the outer sides of the bed 50 cm x 52 cm

   - dimensions of sleeping area 33cm x 37 cm 

M - dimensions on the external sides of the bed 68 cm x 63 cm 

   - dimensions of sleeping area 52 cm x 48 cm 


Washing: The inner pillow has a zipper for easy removal of the cover and separate washing. The pillow cover as well as the sides of the entire bed can be washed by hand or in a washing machine at up to 30°C. To preserve the best quality and color of the cover, do not use bleach. Do not dry clean.




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