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Car bed Allure

navy blue

539,00 - 589,00 pln

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Balanced and distinguished, this is the navy blue color. Balanced with golden accents, however, it takes on a completely new character. The Allure collection, which combines these two colours, presents a truly palace-like chic. The doghouse will find its way into your apartment, whether it's in New York, Boho or Scandi style. A travel mat, a car bed and a bag will make your pet look royal.


Appearance, however, is not everything. With every Oh Charlie product we make sure that visual quality always goes hand in hand with the highest comfort of our four-legged friends. In the Allure collection we have used both the highest quality sponges and silicone balls filling the interior. They will take care of the comfort and safety of your pet without losing anything on their properties.


This luxurious car seat will not only emphasize the character of the interior of the vehicle, but also ensure the comfort and safety of your pet. Thanks to the higher walls filled with silicone balls, he will be able to travel steadily even in stronger corners. Fixing to the seat belt and to the seat will prevent the bed from moving when braking, while internal fastenings fastened to the dog's harness will give him space to move and extra grip when manoeuvring unexpectedly. Comfortable cushion will fit your pet's body providing him with the comfort he needs during a long journey.



- dimensions on the outer sides of the seat 60cm x 48 cm (occupies the entire area of one seat in the car)

- dimensions of the lying area of the four-legged approx. 36 cm x 38 cm


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