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Bed Finessa

grey with blue bow

294,50 - 437,00 pln

310,00 - 460,00 pln

+- Personalize

Finally! The Finessa collection was joined by a beautiful bed, which, like other accessories from this elegant line, is characterized by simple form, stylish design and attention to every detail. Soft sides will provide your pet with comfortable support, a comfortable cushion will take care of his rest and the stylish design will attract attention. A bow and a pastel-coloured strip is a characteristic Finessa accessory that completes the impression of lightness. 

The bed is made on an octagonal plan, its soft walls and cushion are filled with silicone balls that fit your pet's body and provide it with extraordinary comfort. The interior is made of soft but durable fabric. The whole is lined with the highest quality pepite. 



S - dimensions on the outer sides of the bed 50 cm x 52 cm
   - Sleeping area dimensions 33 cm x 37 cm 

M - dimensions on the outer sides of the bed 68 cm x 63 cm
    - Sleeping area dimensions 52 cm x 48 cm 



Washing: The inner pillow has a zipper for easy removal of the cover and separate washing. The pillow cover as well as the sides of the entire bed can be washed by hand or in a washing machine at up to 30°C. To preserve the best quality and color of the cover, do not use bleach. Do not dry clean.


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