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Doghouse Maison


490,00 pln

The Maison doghouse is a timeless colour combination that customers all over the world have come to love. Here classics are combined with elegance, thanks to which this beautiful doghouse will add splendour to any interior. Its soft walls and comfortable cushion will give your pet comfort and a moment of rest. The workmanship is characterised by attention to detail and comfort for both your pet and its owner.

The inner cushion is filled with silicone balls that adjust to your pet's body, providing it with extraordinary comfort. The cushion is covered with a soft fabric that feels like fur - your pet will simply love it!  The walls and canopy are filled with soft (removable) foam, waterproof fabric protects the bottom of the doghouse.

Size: 46 cm x 39 cm, height 47 cm

Available colors: black & beige, black & grey


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