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Bed Tivioli

320,00 - 470,00 pln

Introducing Oh Charlie's latest addition to their luxury pet accessory line: the Tivioli Collection. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this collection exudes modern sophistication with its minimalist design and high-quality construction.


The Tivioli Collection features a luxurious dog bed, doghouse, and stairs, all adorned in a chic ecrue color with subtle geometric patterns on the sides. The geometric accents add a touch of elegance without overwhelming the overall aesthetic, ensuring a sleek and contemporary look that seamlessly integrates into any home decor.


Each piece in the Tivioli Collection is meticulously crafted to provide maximum comfort and style for your furry friend. The dog bed is very cozy, offering a perfect retreat for your pet to rest and relax. The accompanying doghouse provides a stylish shelter for your pet, while the stairs offer easy access to elevated spaces with their sturdy and stable design.


With the Tivioli Collection, Oh Charlie's delivers pet accessories that not only elevate your pet's comfort but also enhance your home's ambiance with their understated elegance. Experience the perfect blend of luxury, functionality, and modern design with the Tivoli Collection from Oh Charlie's Luxury Pet Accessories.


S - dimensions on the outer sides of the bed 49cm x 48cm x 24cm
   - dimensions of sleeping surface 34 cm x 30 cm 
M - dimensions on the outside sides of the lair 68 cm x 64 cm x 27 cm
   - sleeping surface dimensions 50 cm x 42 cm 
L - dimensions on the outside sides of the bed 85 cm x 75 cm x 29 cm
   - sleeping surface dimensions 65 cm x 52 cm


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