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Car bed Florence

619,00 - 669,00 pln

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The Florence collection is characterised by minimalism and elegance, which is evident in all aspects - top quality fabrics, perfect finishing and details that any connoisseur of good style will appreciate. Available in 3 colours, grey, beige and copper.

The Florence car seat is distinguished by its timeless design and will take care of your pet's safe journey. A pocket visible on the back panel decorated with an engraved button fastener is the perfect place for a favourite toy or snack. Two straps attached to the harness of your dog or cat will ensure stability during more violent manoeuvres, and the soft cushion and sides perfectly absorb any unevenness. The Florence car seat offers travel comfort that even the pickiest pet will appreciate.


  • Single:  dimensions on the outer sides of the seat 60 cm x 48 cm (occupies the entire area of one seat in the car)
  • Double :  dimensions on the outer sides of the seat  69 cm x 49 cm


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